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  • Why do I pay for a one-year term if I don’t always use services throughout the term?
    All sites at Cherry Hill are committed to the occupant for the entire term of the occupancy agreement. Cherry Hill occupants are not expected to vacate their sites annually. Their specific site is secure and renewable annually. Personal property can be winterized and stored on site. The site is accessible throughout the entire term.
  • What is a Site Holding Fee?
    The site holding fee is designed to help minimize the up-front financial burden for an occupant who wishes to secure a site in the Four-Season Access section of the park prior to physically occupying it. Cherry Hill is committing one year to this process. After that one-year period the occupant is expected to pay the full occupancy rate for the site that Cherry Hill has committed to them. If the occupant chooses to purchase a Winterized Park Model from Cherry Hill details regarding the timing of delivery and hook up and any inherit risks are reviewed at that time. Management of these risks is negotiated into the purchase agreement of that Park Model.
  • How and why are policy and procedure updates implemented?
    Cherry Hill acknowledges in the preamble of its Policies and Procedures that: PREAMBLE “Cherry Hill Living is a members only private park. As such we encourage member interaction and input into our policies and procedures. These Cherry Hill Policies and Procedures are considered an active document. Updates based on ongoing experiences and member feedback are being made on a regular basis. The current version of the Policies and Procedures is posted on our website at” The policies and procedures are in place to protect the intrinsic value of the park which enhances our occupants individual experience and value. Cherry Hill’s goal with this document is to promote individuality and invention while protecting the collective value and experience of our membership. We recognise that requirements, standards, styles, and values evolve. That is one reason we feel it is important that this document remains interactive and fluid. For the safety of and for the collective benefit of its members Cherry Hill will not restrict this process. Cherry Hill understands that policy changes can be impactful. We do not issue updates without careful consideration. It is Cherry Hill’s intent to restrict policy updates to twice a year, April and September. Policy updates are distributed to the membership in redline format for ease of review. The Policies and procedures provide Cherry Hill with a mechanism by which to prevent potential hazards and minimize liability for the park and its members. They help protect our occupants from the effects of the actions of other occupants.
  • What happens if my site improvement plans conflict with the policies and procedures?
    Cherry Hill’s goal is to promote individuality and invention while protecting the collective value and experience of our membership. Cherry Hill occupants deserve to have their ideas, efforts and expenses acknowledged, in writing, and officially signed-of as acceptable. For this reason, Cherry Hill has incorporated SCHEDULE C “The Site Assessment Form” and SCHEDULE D “The Pre-approval Form” into its occupancy agreement. This is for the purpose of recognizing and recording these individual site amenities. Cherry Hill understands that as policies and procedures evolve previously acceptable improvements may conflict with updated policies and procedures. For this reason, we have incorporated an exceptions clause in the policies and procedures. Any such deviations are recorded as acceptable exceptions on the site assessment form. Members are encouraged to be involved in their site assessments. The site assessment and pre-approval processes offer the opportunity to formalize site improvement plans and discussions.
  • Why does Cherry Hill require its occupants to purchase liability insurance with Cherry Hill as a named additional insured?
    LIABILITY INSURANCE Liability Insurance (also called Third-Party Insurance) is to protect the purchaser (the insured) from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims and protects the insured if they are sued for claims that come within the coverage of the insurance policy. Liability insurance is designed to offer specific protection against third-party insurance claims, i.e., payment is not typically made to the insured, but rather to someone suffering loss who is not a party to the insurance contract. When a claim is made, the insurance carrier has the duty (and right) to defend the insured. ADDITIONAL INSURED At Cherry Hill, the purchaser (the insured) is an occupant on Cherry Hill’s land. Additional Insured adds Cherry Hill to the occupant’s liability insurance policy by way of an endorsement identifying the corporation by name. This endorsement is required because the original named insured, as an occupant on Cherry Hills land, presents a new risk to Cherry hill that arises out of the original named insureds conduct or operations. The endorsement clarifies the limitations of the coverage to liability “arising out of the operations of the named insured (The Occupant)” thus excluding liability arising out of any independent acts or omissions either performed by the additional named Entity (Cherry Hill/3718426 Manitoba Limited) or on their behalf. Samples of actual additional insured endorsements/certificates are available from the park office. These documents come from either a home insurance provider and/or MPI. Both insurance providers/methods are acceptable to Cherry Hill. This clause reduces liability for the park and, by extension, its occupants. It helps protect our occupants from the effects of the actions of other occupants.
  • What am I responsible for regarding service lines on my site?
    The Occupier is responsible to maintain utility services located on their site. This includes below their unit and underground up to the curb stop valve or hose bib (as the case may be) connecting their unit to the community water supply system. Cherry Hill is responsible for all water lines from the curb stop valve or hose bib (as the case may be) connecting a site to the community water supply system back to the pumphouse/well. Summer site units are all connected to the water supply system by hose bibs. Hose bibs are taps that are located above ground. Four Season Access sites are connected to the water supply system with Curb Stops. Curb stops are “taps” with the “handle” located at ground level and the “valve” mechanism located below the frost line (~3 metres underground). Curb stops are located along (or close to) the property line of the site. From this location the lines run into the crawl space under the unit and then up into the unit itself.
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