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Hi, I'm Jan!

I'm part of the Cherry Hill Team. My goal is to answer all of your questions. Below we share our most requested resources, answer frequently asked questions, and offer you an opportunity to book a consultation and park tour. Ok, let's get started! 

You may be wondering about


Cherry Hill is for you...


  • You own an RV or Park Model. Or are interested in owning one. 

  • You're looking for a base for your summer adventures.

  • You take pride in your property and your unit. It's your home away from home. 

  • You look forward to the occasional, fun community event. 

  • You appreciate an uncrowded, private lake to park your beach chair. 


  • You  are in the market for a winterized park model.

  • You're looking for a private, gated community to be part of. 

  • You  want a country retirement option with the convenience of town.

  • You take pride in your place and your community.

  • You look forward to the occasional, fun community event. 

  • You travel and want a Manitoba headquarters for your adventures. 

What does it cost? 

Investing in Cherry Hill Living is a two step process: 


site fees

The Site Fees (often referred to as Pad Fees) are monthly fees paid to Cherry Hill Living over 12 months for your site in the park. If you would like the current rates sent to your email just fill in the short form below


Purchasing your unit

The purchase of your unit and amenities are a separate transaction from the Site Fees. 


If you already own a unit then you'll likely be looking for a vacant site. Call us to find out which sites are currently available. 


If you don't have a unit yet then you will want to check out the Cherry Hill Living For Sale Page which lists all the units currently available in the park. These units are for sale by the owner. The Cherry Hill Living site fees are a separate transaction. 

Yep, Cherry Hill Living is what I'm looking for.

Your Next Steps


Step 1

Download and read the Insider's Guide

Step 2

Review the Site Fees

Step 3

Set up a Consult and Tour of the Park with our Sales Team

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Get access to the
Insider's Guide

What are you interested in?

Download the Insider's Guide


Review the Site Fees


Enter your email and we will send you our site fees. 

Review our
site fees

What are you interested in?

Book a Tour of the Park


Golf Cart at Cherry Hill Living

Cherry Hill Living is a private, gated community. All tours are by appointment only to ensure the privacy of our site holders. 

On the tour we can take a look at any vacant sites available that day. We can also make arrangements to view the interior of units that are for sale by the owners. Please call us in advance so that we can make arrangements with the owners of the units and make the most of your visit. 

Call to Book

Trying out the park

At Cherry Hill Living, we value the privacy of our seasonal and the peace & quiet our private park provides. That's why we do not offer day passes to the public to use the facilities. We also recognize that you might want to try out the park before committing for a season.

Parties interested in trying out Cherry Hill Living can book a Daily RV Camping Site.

Cherry Hill Living determines specific site locations at the time of check-in. 

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