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These attractive units are transportable 

recreational vehicles designed for long-term or permanent placement at a destination. Typically they can be brought anywhere an RV is allowed and where water, sewer and electrical connections are available.

Park-models feature modern architectural elements including cathedral ceilings, bay windows, hardwood floors, carpeting, and window treatments. You also have the option of adding furnishings that are custom designed to compliment your own design style.


  • Transportable but with all the conveniences for long stays

  • High Ceilings

  • Open Living Areas​
  • Conventional appliances
  • Bay Windows​

  • Sleeping room for 6-8 comfortably

  • More design options

    • Corian countertops​

    • Tile backsplash

    • Exterior stone finish

    • Stainless steel appliances

  • Indoor/Outdoor fireplaces​

  • Fully winterized options

  • Canexel or Vinyl siding

  • Peaked roofs with shingles



Based on the experience of our community members Park Model living in Manitoba can be an affordable, smart and luxurious living option but only when done right.  That's why CherryHill has chosen two of the most reputable Park Model builders in Canada to supply CherryHill Living: Grandeur Homes and General Coach.

You are, of course, welcome to bring in your existing Park Model (if it meets park standards). When ordering new, we highly recommend our two partner companies, which have an established relationship at CherryHill and are familiar with our Manitoba winters. Both companies have numerous floor plan options and can provide a fully customizable option. The ordering process can be initiated through our Park Office. Financing Available thru the Steinbach Credit Union (SCU).

Grandeur Homes is a Manitoba based company with a reputation for building quality homes, RTM's and Park Models. We have allocated 29 lots exclusively for Grandeur Park Models because of their exceptional design, quality building, winterization techniques and price point. 

Check out their website to see floor plans and custom options. 

General Coach, out of Ontario, is a well established RV and Park Model manufacturer. They believe that "quality is what creates luxury" and they prove it with their Black Diamond Edition Park Models. A number of CherryHill community members have already gone through the process of custom ordering Park Models from them. A full line-up of different models are available. 

Check out their website to see floor plans and custom options.

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