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Black Diamonds Are Forever - Four

Updated: May 30, 2018

The first Black Diamond Edition Park Model from General Coach is moving into Manitoba and it's coming to CherryHill Living!

The deck side of a Black Diamond unit with a finished exterior.

We are continuing to follow the construction of the Chateau's Black Diamond Edition Park Model which is now going through Station 10 through 12 of 12 stations.

Day 20, April 13th 2016 – Straight off the factory floor, dust and all!

The back side of a Black Diamond 550-2 with a finished exterior.

The new owners, the Chateau's say:

“There are no words to express our joy and excitement at this time. General Coach has exceeded our expectations and built for us an amazing Black Diamond Series home. We cannot wait to be there on site when it arrives. To Roger, Chris and the great staff at General Coach, a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for this dream come true. Joan and Harry, THANK YOU for the time you took to guide us through the process of building this dream and bringing it to reality.” 

From Roger Faulkner, President of General Coach Canada:

“Let me first thank Guy and Charlotte for your kind words. Thank you for providing us the opportunity of being a big part of that dream you speak about and thank you for instilling your confidence in General Coach Canada and its employees. Without doubt you are the pioneers who are about to break new ground in CherryHill Living. You will have one of the finest park models ever built in Canada and you are the very first folks to purchase a “Black Diamond Edition” unit in Manitoba.

Thanks also go out to Harry and Joan (and their team) for choosing General Coach Canada as your park model supplier. Together, we will open a new chapter in the Manitoba RV and Camping Industry.”

A word from CherryHill owners, Harry and Joan:

"Although we are very proud to be bringing the first Black Diamond Edition into Manitoba and to Cherry Hill Living with it’s cutting edge sleek modern design, we want to emphasize that there are plenty of other options for you, which cover a wide variety of Recreational Vehicles welcome at Cherry Hill Living.

The Finished Exterior of the living room end with the covered deck. Notice the diamond design in the deck, very cool!

The finished exterior at the bedroom end of the unit.

The interior. Notice the Corian counter in grey and the white glossy cupboards.

The interior includes white glossy cupboards, GE Range and Fridge, Stainless Steel and glass fan with built in microwave shelf.

Some of the interior furnishings include a leather sectional sofa bed in grey.

The bathroom includes a glass shower enclosure.