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Living the Life of the Rich & Famous, on their own dime!

The Chateau's are living the life of the rich and famous but on their own dime!

What’s a good looking, freedom seeking, retired couple from Winnipeg doing hanging in a tequila shop in Mexico?

What should anyone from Canada be doing in the middle of a cold winter but be enjoying their new home in a snow birder’s enclave in the south.

In Guy and Charlotte Chateau’s case, they have chosen the great little beach town of Rincon de Guayabitos, flanked on either side by the town of Los Ayala and the more commercial town of La Penita, an hour’s drive north of Puerto Vallarta through the mountains. They are within walking distance of both towns. In Guayabitos there are restaurants galore, grocery stores on just about every corner, lots and lots of souvenir and t-shirt shops, two excellent quality meat stores, a huge fruiteria with fresh vegetables and fruit, two fish markets, pharmacies, lots of hotels, a golf course and a beautiful Catholic Church. You don’t need a car to go anywhere. If walking is not your bag, there are collectivos (vans that act like buses for .70 a ride (9 pesos) or taxis will take you to the next town for $2.50 (30 pesos).

Let me introduce one of Cherry Hill Living’s newest residents who will be moving in this spring. Guy and Charlotte Chateau first came to CherryHill looking for a place to spend their Canadian summers so that they could spend the winter down south. They spent a few weeks in the fall pouring over plans and photos of the new Black Diamond Editions being introduced to Cherry Hill’s park model offerings. We will be sharing their experiences of ordering their BDE 550-2 in a following blog article.

Guy and Charlotte sold their large beautiful home on the Red River and started looking. They fell in love with the peaceful setting at Cherry Hill. They were convinced that this is where they wanted to spend their summers so that their grown children and grandchildren could visit and enjoy the park with them.

Charlotte reports from Rincon:

“There are plenty of parties and occasions to celebrate and we are welcomed everywhere.

Ismael, the owner of our condo hotel, Loma Linda, put on a staff appreciation party and all the hotel guest were invited! The taco soup, stuffed chicken breast, herbed spaghetti, salads, and croissants were absolutely wonderful! We met the families of each staff member and it was all quite delightful”, she says.

“Christmas was celebrated on the brand new rooftop patio. There were 19 of us and we all brought a dish and an appetizer. The 360 degree view of the ocean and mountains was truly breathtaking! Ismael hired a guitar player who serenaded us as we watched the full moon come up over the mountains.

During the holidays, Alva, a former restaurant owner, enchanted us with cooking classes. We learnt four different salsa and enchiladas, and six shrimp recipes.”

Charlotte continues excitedly:

"The weather has been wonderful with only a few cloudy days. Many spend their days on the beach but it’s also great that our hotel has a well cared for pool. I love the opportunity to do laps and aqua size every day. Around 4 pm is ‘Happy Hour’. We ladies get together for refreshments, snacks and card games.

Guy joins groups that walk every day. Three times a week he hikes in the mountains with another group. The camaraderie and exercise is exhilarating!

The newest entertainment in town is the movie theatre.  Tuesdays every movie is  English. We saw Star Wars VII and Point Break in 3D for 50 pesos (under $5)  and saw The Revenant for $35 pesos (Under $3).  We also saw a really bad B movie called: The Fifth Wave…not to be recommended.  (Teenagers save the world from aliens movie!)

Seventy of us went to an 89th birthday party for a guest here called Carmel.  She is a live wire!  When someone offered to set her up with a 92 year old gentleman, she did a classic double take and hand on hip said: ‘Honey!  40 year olds have trouble keeping up with me!’  And she’s absolutely right!

In February, we had our Second Annual Loma Linda Winter Games!  The games: from hoola hoop tossing to water bottle bowling. The night ended with dancing and Karaoke!

Love boats and the warm ocean breeze caressing your face? During a tour with six other couples from the hotel, we searched for whales. But because it’s been so hot and the ocean too warm, they migrated further out to sea. We did, however, snag a fish on the trolling lines and Guy hauled it in.  It gave him quite a fight. I thought I had captured it all on video! When I turned my device “off” the numbers started rolling!  I didn’t have any footage as I hadn’t pressed the “on” button!  Note to self: Take the