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What People are Saying


“It all started we had our fifth wheel here. And the first year we already had commitments to go camping with others. We decided to do both, but we were always so anxious to come back here (CherryHill). After every weekend it was like, we gotta get back here!”

/ Gerard, 10 Year Club Member

“Come and take a look. You’r going to fall in love with it (CherryHill Living).” 

/ Paulette, 10 Year Club Member

“The friendships that we’ve formed here. When you go back 10 years and you think of the people that you’ve met. Whether it’s in Winnipeg where we live or or out here. You know what, it’s nice to have those new friendships when you’r retired because you don’t have the working gang anymore”

/ Brenda, 10 Year Club Member

1 - Connie Stefanyshyn - Lot 28.jpg

“Fabulous family resort. Best fireworks ever.”

/ Site Holder

“The sunsets are AWESOME!”

/ Nicole, 10 Year Club Member

"I would have just gone nuts staying cooped up (in a condo). I needed the space. I needed to be outside."

/ Ray, 10 Year Club Member

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“Just wanted to thank you for the 8 wonderful years we had at CherryHill. We have many fond memories, new friends and great experiences that will be cherished.”

/ Carl & Val, 10 Year Club Member

"I like the cold, clean, deep water. And he likes the vicinity to the golf courses…. and happy hour is good when you don’t have to worry about driving."

/ Brenda, 10 Year Club Member

"I have a trailer there and love the place. Where else can you get a private beach 50 ft in front of your trailer and only 45 min from Winnipeg."

/ Perry, Site Holder

“Val and I always said that the time and money we spent at CherryHill, was one of the best investments we ever made. We loved the community feel and the fact it was only 45 minutes door to door. ... We want to thank-you for providing such a wonderful park. We will continue to recommend it to others.”

/ Carl & Val, 10 Year Club Member

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